Take part in the world’s largest wildlife survey this weekend

Join us in taking part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch which runs from today until Sunday (29-31 January).

We’re asking you to count the birds you see as part of the world’s largest wildlife survey. This will help us in our efforts to make H&F a haven for wildlife.

As we all stay at home to save lives during the pandemic, local residents are encouraged to take part from their gardens, balconies and windows.

Take part in Birdwatch

Hammersmith & Fulham Council is committed to tackling the climate and ecological emergency.

Recent improvements we have made to support the wildlife in H&F include planting 2km of wildlife hedge with volunteers and partners, installing bird and bat boxes and establishing 26 hectares of long grass and wildflower areas to support insects and the animals that feed on them.

We will also be planting London’s first ‘tiny forest’ in Hammersmith Park in March. It will consist of six hundred trees in an area the size of a tennis court.

Fourteen UK priority species have previously been seen in H&F, including hawfinch, ring ouzel and wryneck, with 144 species observed overall in the borough since 2010.

Knowing which species are doing well, and which are declining, will direct our efforts and progress the recommendations of the resident-led Biodiversity Commission.

Make your garden a wildlife paradise

If you have a green space you care for, why not welcome wildlife in?

Grow flowering plants to provide nectar for bees and other pollinators. Hedges and trees give shelter to bats and birds.

You could even make a pond, to start seeing other insects and amphibians making their home in your garden.

For more ideas on how to boost biodiversity in your back yard, try this guide from the RSPB.

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