Cllr Lisa Homan and a child stood in front of red building site hoardings showing a large poster of a child's drawing

Sir John Lillie pupils add some colours to a Fulham estate

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Image captionDrawings are now on show on the hoardings. Pictured is Cllr Lisa Homan (left) with a pupil from Sir John Lillie primary school

Pupils from Sir John Lillie primary school in Lillie Road, Fulham, have been showing off their huge new colourful creations.

Their drawings are now on show on hoardings that surround the development site at nearby Hartopp Point and Lannoy Point. Some of the pupils were recently pictured with Cllr Lisa Homan, H&F Cabinet Member for Housing, at the site.

Cllr Lisa Homan with two school children standing in front of a drawing fastened to construction site hoardings
Image caption: Pupils from Sir John Lillie primary school with Cllr Lisa Homan (left)

Cllr Homan said: “It was great to see the pupils get involved in making the development site look more colourful and show their ideas.

“This project will deliver new affordable homes for local residents. We’re asking anyone living on or near the Aintree estate to get involved in helping shape the new development.”

Hartopp Point and Lannoy Point are being demolished for safety reasons, on the advice of structural experts. All residents have now moved to new homes. Click here for more details about the project.

Dismantling of Lannoy Point has begun. And over the next few weeks, contractors will start dismantling Hartopp Point, too. While the works are underway, the tower blocks will remain enclosed in scaffolding and covered by sheeting to reduce noise and dust.

If you have any questions about the redevelopment, email the project team at or visit the project page here.

One of the drawings affixed to a hoarding
Image caption: One of the children's drawings
Poster of a child's drawing fastened to red building site hoardings
Image caption: The children's drawings have been turned into huge new colourful creations
Hartopp and Lannoy Points in the background covered with scaffolding, with a group of children and adults in the foreground
Image caption: Hartopp Point and Lannoy Point are being demolished for safety reasons

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