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Court overturns block on Heathrow's third runway

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Image captionImage 1: A passenger jet landing at Heathrow Airport. PICTURE: GETTY IMAGES

Last week the Supreme Court ruled that the government had acted lawfully in its decision to favour a third runway at Heathrow and had taken proper account of climate targets.

The firm behind Heathrow can now seek planning permission for the runway.

The case was taken by Friends of the Earth in conjunction with an organisation called Plan B.

Its founder Tim Crosland said: “This is a terrible verdict – the runway plan is in clear breach of climate change targets and it can’t be allowed to go ahead. I can’t imagine how the judges came to this decision.”

H&F Leader Stephen Cowan added “Hammersmith & Fulham will continue fighting the climate and ecological emergency and fight for future generations to live in a cleaner, green environment. We will continue our appeals against the government’s failure to take into account the UK’s climate change commitments under the 2015 Paris Agreement.”

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