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New food waste and wheeled bin collections

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Image captionImage 1: One of the new 23 litre food collection caddies for use outside

A new food waste and wheeled bin service has launched in Hammersmith & Fulham.

Residents in limited local areas of the borough have received their wheeled bins and food waste caddies, with the first collections starting on Monday 9 November 2021.

See where the scheme is being rolled out

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The service is major step forward in improving recycling, reducing waste and keeping borough streets clean and tidy, but we recognise for residents it’s a significant change.

“This is a big adjustment and may take a little getting used to, so we thank residents for their understanding while we switch to this more environmentally-friendly service,” said Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Cabinet Member for Environment.

“These bins are a more effective way for us to collectively reduce household waste, increase borough recycling rates and keep our streets looking clean and pleasant.”

Reducing household waste

The service is being rolled out across to targeted areas in H&F to test the new system. If successful, it could potentially be expanded more widely across the borough using feedback from residents.

“Residents have long asked for a food waste service. We’ve listened and now we’re delighted to be able to offer one,” added Cllr Harcourt.

“This improvement will mean a huge reduction in the amount of household rubbish produced across the borough and give our recycling rates a significant boost.”

What residents say

Fulham resident, Lisa Sheppard, said: “I am delighted. Very good for the environment and hope the new bins will help eliminate the problem of trash being strewn on the street after rubbish collection.”

Bella Unwin, from West Kensington, said: “Yes, finally. It's so helpful to have a food waste bin because not only does it make you think about what you buy and can be composted (like not buying vegetables in plastic wrapping) it's so easy, and you can keep it outside so your bin inside doesn't stink of food.

“I'm so glad you’ve [the council] started this as it's important to think about where you buy from, if you buy from local markets, farmers produce, you reduce plastic which can keep the air clean. As well as reducing importing which causes more air pollution.”

Another happy resident, Anne Renders, said: “So pleased to read this and hope it gets rolled out across all the borough.”

Wheeled bins will also mean that rubbish can be stored safely and hygienically away from animals and birds This should spell an end to residents waking up to find rubbish strewn across their road.

Among their environmental benefits, the bins are made partly from recycled plastic and by using them for our recycling collections residents will no longer need the single-use ‘smart sacks’, as items go in loose.

How does it work?

Residents in the selected areas have already been notified that they’ll be involved in the first wave of the scheme. They will have received an indoor and outdoor caddy for food waste. And if their property allows, they will also receive two wheeled bins (one for recycling, one for rubbish).

Instructions for the service can be found inside your food caddy.

All items that can be recycled should go in the green recycling wheeled bin. All leftover food waste goes in the caddy. And whatever remains – which hopefully shouldn’t be too much – goes in the black rubbish wheeled bin.

The collections take place weekly, and on the same day as residents’ current collection.

So, there is no change in collection days. You can check your current collection day here.

Using the bins

If you’re recycling everything you can, and putting all your food waste in the caddy, your general waste bin shouldn’t get full.

If you have difficulty or are unable to get your bins out on collection day, we offer a free assisted collection service. To sign-up for this contact our Cleaner Greener hotline on 020 8753 1100 and we’ll send you an application form. 

The wheeled bins also help our staff by making their collections more efficient and reducing risk of injury for them from heavy lifting.

If you’ve been using your own bins to store rubbish, we can collect these from you, to help keep your property clear. Get in touch with us on the number above or, or email

We’re here to help

We’re here to listen to your concerns and help you make the most of this great new service. So, if you think you’ve received the wrong number of bins for your property, are concerned about the size, or have any other bin-related queries, please get in touch.

For households not involved in the prototype service, waste collections will continue as normal.

Want more details?

For more information or to read a list of Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our dedicated food waste and wheeled bins webpage.