Statement on new Hammersmith Bridge taskforce

A statement from H&F Council Leader, Cllr Stephen Cowan, on the much-needed repairs to Hammersmith Bridge.

"Our engineers have worked around the clock to develop shovel-ready plans to make Hammersmith Bridge safe and fully restore it. We therefore welcome the government’s announcement today as a signal that they now intend to engage constructively with us on this matter, and we hope they will now work with our cross-party team to prioritise the needs of residents on both sides of the river.

"There is an urgency to tackling this issue, so while Transport for London (TfL), Hammersmith & Fulham and Richmond councils will play a full part in the government’s taskforce, we must avoid an empty talking shop. Only the government has the financial resources to fix this bridge. Ministers must urgently commit to funding the necessary repairs."