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A-level and GCSE switch gives greater certainty to students, and puts trust in teachers

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Image captionImage 1: Pictured are William Morris Sixth Form students picking up their A-level results in 2019

Hammersmith & Fulham Council has welcomed the decision by government to allow teacher assessed grades to be used for A-levels and GCSEs.

The switch was announced four days after grades for many in the borough were downgraded, due to the controversial use of an algorithm in place of cancelled exams.

“This government U-turn comes after a severe backlash from students and parents, who saw plans for university turned upside down by grades which simply didn’t reflect the work put in,” said Cllr Larry Culhane, H&F Council Cabinet Member for Children and Education.

“Young people who had put in years of hard work can now properly make plans for their future, after this switch to a system which should have been put in place from the start.

“The lack of trust in our schools and teachers from the government was a big mistake. It is good to see their experience and judgement is finally being given the credit it deserves.”

The imposition of the controversial algorithm had seen many state school pupils have their grades downgraded, putting their preferred places at university in jeopardy, while students in private schools were largely unaffected.

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