Musicians Matt Brook and Lauren Potter serenading older people in H&F

Bring me sunshine – the singing visits brightening residents’ lives

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Image captionStars from RahRah Theatre Group are traveling around the borough performing feel-good songs for people with dementia

Singing visits have been brightening-up lockdown for older people and people with dementia across Fulham.

The Sunshine Calls, organised by H&F Council and our partners, have helped bring a smile to the faces of residents - many of whom have been shielding at home without access to the internet.

We worked with Dementia Action Alliance and Imperial Wharf Resource Centre, to bring in stars from RahRah Theatre Group to make visits to individual homes and sheltered housing schemes.

View photos of the visits in our Flickr gallery

Peggy Coles of Creating With Dementia, who helped set-up the Sunshine Calls, said: “People with dementia often respond well to musical cues they can remember, and the results were stunning: with some residents singing along, and others dancing to the tunes.

“People told us it was a really special day for the people involved, and there were even a few happy tears - it was a wonderful thing to see the pure joy.”

Musicians Matt Brook and Lauren Potter serenaded residents with a collection of feel-good songs including 'Hey Jude', 'Que Sera Sera' and 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'.

Performances took place on the street, in gardens and outside the communal areas of sheltered housing schemes - always maintaining social distancing.

The project visited 12 sites across Fulham, and engaged more than 100 residents - with amazing feedback from residents and their families.

More visits are planned for north of the borough in the coming weeks.

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