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£500 grants available to local charities and clubs

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Image captionGroundwork London runs the COVID-19 funding scheme for the Tesco supermarket chain

There are bags of help available to Hammersmith & Fulham organisations... literally.

Tesco’s Bags of Help community grant programme awards £500 single payments to those supporting groups in need during the pandemic.

A streamlined bid system makes it easy to apply.

Apply for a grant

Alex Forrester of Groundwork London, which runs the COVID-19 funding scheme for the supermarket chain, said that £155,000 had already been awarded to 310 London groups since April.

“The website has answers to frequently asked questions and guidelines, as well as the link to make an application,” he said.

Examples of groups which have already benefited include:

  • a charity setting up a delivery service to replace its monthly lunch club
  • a holiday hunger club supporting children through the summer months
  • a charity launching a new online patient servicea food bank where stocks are running low
  • a charity establishing a telephone support service.

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