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New White City foodbank is delivering for local residents

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Image captionImage 1: Cllr Sue Fennimore and Cllr Max Schmid (both pictured) visit the White City foodbank run by the White City Community Centre and local charity Urban Partnership Group

A new foodbank has been set-up in White City to help families in need during the coronavirus crisis.

Warm food parcels have been delivered to residents in the Wormholt and White City area thanks to the foodbank run by the White City Community Centre and local charity, Urban Partnership Group.

“This foodbank is another brilliant example of how adversity is helping to galvanise and unite the local community,” said Cllr Sue Fennimore, H&F Council Deputy Leader.

Cllr Fennimore and her colleague Cllr Max Schmid, H&F Cabinet Member for Finance and Commercial Services, visited the foodbank recently and helped distribute parcels to residents in need.

“We’ve been really impressed how everyone is willing and able to give up their time to deliver such a vital service in such a time of crisis,” she added. “It was a real honour to be able watch them at work and to play a small part.”

Positive experience

The foodbank runs every Thursday and helps residents who are shielded or self-isolating to ensure they’re safe and have food/supplies. It opened in late March and currently serves more than 120 households on the estates.

During their visit, they were met at safe distance by some residents who used the service and spoke of their positive experience

“Sadly, food poverty was on the increase before coronavirus,” said Andy Sharpe, CEO of the Urban Partnership Group, who also runs the Masbro Centre in West Kensington.

“We’re thankful for the many generous donations made by organisations such as Choudrys TK restaurant, in addition to our our regular food distributors such as Felix, City Harvest and FairShare, to increase our deliveries to the many people who are in need in the borough.”

Need help?

If you, or any residents you know who live in White City & Wormholt, need a food parcel, please visit the White City Community Centre in India Way on Thursdays between 12:30pm and 2:30pm.

If you’re unable to collect the food parcels, deliveries can be arranged. To organise a delivery, email for more information.

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