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Fulham Cross Academy Trust celebrate World Earth Day with ‘new’ recycled creations

Fulham Cross Girls’ School and Fulham Cross Academy celebrated World Earth Day in style – by recycling!

Not even the national lockdown could keep the pupils from observing Earth Day on 22 April, with this year’s commemoration marking the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day.

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Image caption: Image 2: One teacher made lambing sheds for her parent’s pregnant sheep!

The celebrations were led by Phoebe Smith-Barnes and Nathan Cardwell – who are both Climate Change teachers for the Fulham Cross Academy Trust schools – involved staff and students thinking about the way in which they recycle and reuse.

Phoebe said: “The day showed us that we’re all still able to do something for our planet – whatever the world throws at us. If we each make a small change, we will contribute to a greener, more sustainable, future for us all.”

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Image caption: Image 3: A Fulham Cross teacher with her parents' lambs

The schools made headlines earlier this year after launching a new UN CC:Learn (the One United Nations Climate Change Learning Partnership) accredited programme to train teachers to help tackle the climate emergency.

Busy at home

During the lockdown, Phoebe has been busy making homemade garments and has collected all the scraps from her garments to make them into a new foot stool to put in her living room.

Other staff members got creative with scrap wood. One teacher made a floating bench for the garden and another made lambing sheds for her parent’s pregnant sheep!

Olivia, a Year 7 student at Fulham Cross Girls’ School, wrote a short story about what our Earth will be in like in the year 2070 if we don’t stop polluting! This full story can be found here.

On average, 1,250 nappies per baby are sent to landfill each year. To reduce the amount of waste being created by such a small person, Head of Humanities, Courtney Hosp, put her little baby in reusable cloth nappies – sustainable and fabulous.

Students and staff got their hands dirty as they used the warm weather to do a spot of gardening and plant seeds, such as tomatoes, salad leaves, radishes and red peppers.

How you can help in 5

The Eco Club at Fulham Cross Girl’s school agreed (virtually) on these five suggestions on how everyone could take action to support Earth Day and move to a more environmentally friendly and conscious borough:

  1. Unplug: for one hour in the evening turn off all the lights, devices and screens in the house to reduce energy consumption. Use this time to be with your family or have some time on your own.
  2. Vegetarian for a day: The carbon footprint of meat is significantly higher than of vegetables so why not try to become 100 per cent vegetarian for a day? Cook a veggie meal for your family using only vegetables and organic produce. If you enjoy it why not try doing this more often?
  3. Get creative: create a poster, model or even bake a cake to show what the environment and the Earth means to you. This could also be a poem, comic or short story.
  4. Virtual discussion: arrange to virtually meet with your friends or family to discuss the issues facing our world today and in its future. You could discuss a particular news article you have researched or an environmental themed film you can all watch.
  5. Upcycle: look around your home and look for clothes or items you may not need anymore. Could you give them a new life by upcycling them? Look online for videos that show you how to make old clothes or other household items new again.

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