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Another £8,000 awarded to local groups helping coronavirus response

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Image captionUpper Room chief executive Nicky Flynn. The Upper Room has been awarded £1,000

As the community pulls together to fight the coronavirus, eight more local groups have been awarded grants to help them respond to urgent need.

An additional £7,800 has been paid by Hammersmith & Fulham Council and the charity UNITED in Hammersmith & Fulham in a second batch of funding to community bodies on the frontline of supporting residents.

The grant aid will directly help nearly 13,000 of the neediest people during the current lockdown.

“The most vulnerable in our community are finding the current crisis hardest to manage – so it’s vital that groups such as these play such a vital local role in helping them,” said Cllr Sue Fennimore, Deputy Leader at H&F Council.

“Our voluntary groups and local charities are at the sharp end of delivering assistance, and we are so grateful to them for all they do.”

Among the groups assisted is the Masbro Elders Project. Coordinator Tina Wood said: “At such a difficult and frightening time for many of our elders, we are very grateful for this grant, to support and assist those in urgent need.”

How to apply

UNITED in H&F has streamlined the application process, to assist hard-pressed volunteer groups.

Savraj Kaur, Programme Development Manager at UNITED in H&F, explained: “We know frontline groups are incredibly busy in these trying times, so we’ve created a short and easy online application form to save time.”

As the coronavirus pandemic continues its grip, UNITED has pledge to keep fundraising to help, with the community’s generosity already exceeding the target of raising £50,000 to distribute.

Members of the Masbro Elders Project at work in their base
Image caption: The UPG Masbro Elders Project has been awarded £1,000

Group awards

The following organisations have received new grants from H&F Council and UNITED:

Carers Network - £1,000
Virtual meet-ups for unpaid carers unable to attend support groups.

H&F Mencap - £1,000
Help for disabled adults and children no longer receiving usual support.

People Arise Now - £800
Essential groceries, with the focus on the families of ex-offenders.

St Albans Fulham - £1,000
Aiding young people via weekly remote youth clubs.

St Etherelda's Fulham - £1,000
Delivering groceries to Fulham area residents who are isolating.

St Peter's Fulham - £1,000
Supporting the Love Your Neighbour scheme for the ill and vulnerable.

The Upper Room - £1,000
Language services, and homeless support.

UPG Masbro Elders Project - £1,000
Shopping and food delivery to vulnerable older people.

If you’re a community organisation you can apply for funding today via UNITED’s website.

Click here to donate to the UNITED in H&F Coronavirus Response Appeal.

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