Family Support launches three new services to help families

The Hammersmith & Fulham Family Support service has launched three vital new services to help families through the coronavirus outbreak.

Due to Government guidance, the family centres in H&F have had to close temporarily. So, they’re adapting the way in which they provide services to children, young people and families.

The three new Family Support services are:

A ‘Time to Connect’ helpline

The new helpline, staffed by the Time to Connect team, provides a listening ear if you are concerned about anything or need help accessing or being signposted to their services.

Home learning guides

The unit have put together home learning guides and references for early years, primary school and secondary school children.

Virtual sessions on Facebook

The new virtual family centre is here and the virtual timetable can be found here.

You can still access all the support usually provided at the children’s centres through their new virtual Facebook sessions. Families can drop in for advice, take part in a session or request a call from their Time to Connect Team.

“All families need some support from time-to-time,” said Peter Watt, Managing Director of Family Support.

“But right now, with families having to stay at home, the pressures of trying to work at home, additional financial problems and worries caused by the pandemic – many more are feeling the strain. 

“That’s exactly where Family Support can help with our range of virtual services and access to our practitioners that are all available to local families via or website.”

Fresh fruit and veg

If it is tricky to buy fruit and veg on your budget, Family Support can also help.

Working in partnership with the Alexandra Rose Charity – which is financially supported by H&F Council – they distribute Rose Vouchers to spend on fresh fruit and veg at Fulham’s North End Road market.

The vouchers are worth £3 per child, every week (or double if the child is aged under 12 months). For more details, visit the Alexandra Rose Charity's Rose Vouchers web page.

Family Support can also offer Foodbank vouchers, more information on how to access these can be found on the H&F Foodbank website.


Founded in April 2018, Family Support was created to assist all families of Hammersmith and Fulham in ensuring they have access to the right help and support faster.

They offer support to families, predominately, online and through their family centres. These hubs offer a range of experiences for families, including learn and play sessions, baby massage, health visitor clinics, English language classes, sleep workshops and much more.

The offering is also open to older children, young people, young carers and those who have a special educational need and disability.

They are committed to helping families overcome ever-changing challenges and to support them through difficult times.

Get in touch

The Family Support service is open to all families, whether you have used the service before or not, so please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

For more details, visit the H&F Family Support website.

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