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Wombling free at Bush Hall

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Image captionImage 1: Singer-songwriter Mike Batt

Mike Batt, the singer-songwriter and creator of the Wombles, is making a rare stage appearance.

He is performing at Bush Hall, Shepherds Bush, in early May, in what he describes as “an intimate and fun concert at the piano with a small combo mainly comprising a string quintet”.

Bright Eyes and Beyond will inevitably feature the song he wrote for Art Garfunkel, and is timed to promote his new album, Mike Batt: The Ultimate Collection.

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Image caption: Image 2: Wimbledon Common’s furry litter-pickers The Wombles appearing on Top of the Pops. PICTURE: BBC

An evening of songs and stories spanning a long, illustrious career is promised for a man whose hits include David Essex’s A Winter’s Tale, Alvin Stardust’s I Feel Like Buddy Holly and a parade of chart-toppers for Wimbledon Common’s furry litter-pickers The Wombles.

As well as being a songwriter, performer, producer and manager, he has also been a conductor (including the London Symphony, Royal Philharmonic and London Philharmonic), theatre impresario, record label owner and career launcher, notably handling the rise of violinist Vanessa-Mae and singer Katie Melua.

“The concert has Paula Masterton as featured guest,” he said, explaining that the singer will handle some of the songs he has written specifically to be sung by women.

“I’ll be singing a lot of the hits I’ve either written for others or which were hits for me as an artist,” he added. “I won’t be turning my back on the Wombles, either. It’ll be a bit like a walk along the varied and sometimes unexpected route I’ve navigated during my career to date.” 

Tickets are available online from Bush Hall.

The concert starts at 8pm on Monday 4 May at Bush Hall, 310 Uxbridge Road, W12 7LJ. Tickets cost £26.95.

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