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H&F Hive can help you fund your community dream

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Image captionImage 1: The Sands End community kitchen, pictured on its opening day, was a past H&F Hive success

Looking for tips on how to fund and promote a successful local project? Help is at hand. A free workshop on Wednesday 12 February can help turn ideas into reality.

It coincides with a new round of funding available to support projects launched before the end of March via H&F Hive.

The workshop on Wednesday 12 February is at the Irish Cultural Centre at 5 Blacks Road, W6 9DT, and runs from 2.30-4.30pm. It will have full information on funding and advice on promotion.

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Hive is buzzing

The Hive was set up in 2017, via Spacehive, to pool crowdfunding and council grants to pay for community schemes and events in Hammersmith & Fulham.

Past H&F Hive successes include the Sands End community kitchen (a fully equipped workspace to prepare meals for a local luncheon club) and a refurbished ‘Hub for the Homeless at The Upper Room.

The Upper Room appealed for £7,465 to make the refurbishment possible, and rapidly reached its target, assisted by a pledge from the council.

Others to benefit from H&F Hive include Wendell Park Gardening Friends, the rejuvenation of the rose garden in Bishops Park, and the H&F Youth Maths League.

In the past month, more than £45,000 was raised via crowdfunding to pay for 64 solar panels on the roof of the Masbro Community Centre in West Ken, to reduce its carbon footprint and generate its own power.

“I hope more community projects will launch with the help of the H&F Hive, which is now in its third year,” said Cllr Sue Fennimore, H&F Council Deputy Leader.

“It’s all about assisting those who want positive change in the community, and the council can help with advice and guidance; our team is standing by.”

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Image caption: Image 2: Chief executive of H&F Hive success The Upper Room, Nicky Flynn (pictured left) with the Mayor of H&F Cllr Daryl Brown

Invisible Cafe is latest project

A safe community space for people with invisible illnesses is one of the latest concepts launched via the H&F Hive.

Provided The Invisible Cafe can generate £22,629 from backers by 21 February, it will be a sociable, supportive gathering space.

Although it will have no permanent base, it will pop up in different locations, working to improve health and wellbeing, combating social isolation and generating jobs and voluntary positions.

The Invisible Cafe’s hubs will include St Paul’s, Hammersmith; GLL Better Gyms; the Dawes Road hub; and Bishop Creighton House.

“Local community groups and charities can use H&F Hive to tell the world about their inspirational plans, and potentially unlock funding from both the council and generous community donors,” added Cllr Fennimore.

“The Hive is a more efficient way of working and creates a real partnership between the council and the community. It also means less money is spent administering council grants, so we can keep our council tax bills low.”

Prime time for council

H&F Council’s role is to support and pump-prime; helping spread the word about innovative and exciting community ideas, raising the profile of worthwhile projects and assisting with top-up grants.

Hammersmith & Fulham was the first local authority in the land to set up a Community Infrastructure Levy Fund to support community crowdfunding. The council is about to launch a new Climate Action Fund, also the first of its kind.

If you have an idea, and want to talk it though before you get started, apply for a free workshop ticket or email Cat Priddey, the Community Partnerships Lead for H&F Hive.

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