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Glorious four seasons on show at Fulham Palace

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Image captionImage 1: ‘A Year at the Palace’ is the work of photographer and Royal College of Art graduate Paul Edison

A free exhibition of photos charting the changing colours and seasons at Fulham Palace has gone on show.

‘A Year at the Palace’ is the work of Paul Edison, 55, whose agency, specialising in producing company accounts, has been based at the historic site in Bishops Avenue, Fulham, for 12 years.

Last year. the Royal College of Art graduate won a photographic competition at the palace, and the 72 framed photographs, each 30cm by 40cm, follow life in the buildings and grounds from January to December.

“Professionally, I get involved in a lot of corporate creative work, so in my spare time I do photography, painting and drawing,” he said.

Each print is hand-tinted, mounted and framed, and all are on sale in limited editions, prices starting at £90.

“I come in every morning at 7.30am and leave at 7.30pm, so I’ve taken pictures of all the seasonal variations,” he said. “Every day I experience something new at Fulham Palace from the evolving colour of the leaves to the aubade of the morning light.”

A Year at the Palace is on the ground floor of Fulham Palace, Bishops Avenue, Fulham, until Sunday 22 March. Free entry. For more details, visit the Fulham Palace website.

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