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Fulham’s top artists and potters go on show at Fulham Library

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Image captionThree hundred pieces of artwork will be on display during the public exhibition.

A burst of creativity will blow away any autumn blues this month as a free art exhibition opens its doors in Fulham.

Dreamy landscapes, quirky and colourful animal characters and carefully-crafted sculptures are among hundreds of artworks on display at the new Society of Fulham Artists and Potters (SoFAP) exhibition.

Showcasing the talents of local professional and amateur artists, the six-day exhibition will feature original paintings, ceramics and sculptures that celebrate the area and the wider world.

SoFAP chair Tim Dann, who will be including three of his own bronze sculptures in the show, said the exhibition was the perfect opportunity for the community to enjoy the ‘fantastic’ artworks created by the society’s members.

“I am always staggered by the volume of artworks going through the door,” said Mr Dann, who will open the show with an official thanks to the immediate past chair, Patricia Watson, who stepped down earlier this year.

“SoFAP is a very busy society and everyone puts in such amazing work to put the show together, it is just fantastic.”

At least 300 unique artworks, from contemporary to traditional pieces, will be on display during the free public exhibition until Sunday 17 November, in Fulham Library’s Exhibition Hall, in Fulham Road.

Opening night party

The event kicked off with a private view on Monday night, opened by award-winning figurative artist Alice Boggis-Rolfe.

Still life paintings, moody skyscapes, and even wire figures of birds and animals will be among the pieces displayed at the exhibition.

Meanwhile, flowers, rural and city scenes, figures and ocean views will sit alongside handcrafted ceramics and sculptures, giving plenty of variety.

“Fulham Library is a real community venue, and it is very important for us to share the work we are doing, from plein air days to art workshops,” explained Mr Dann.

“As artists, we do it because we love it, and we would love to see everyone come to the exhibition. “From the very youngest children, everyone is welcome, and we want everyone to enjoy it.”

Set up in 1952, the society has around 200 members and organises regular workshops, ‘plein air’ events, exhibitions and sales.

The SoFAP autumn exhibition is open from:

  • 10am to 8pm, 12 to 14 November
  • 10am to 5pm, 15 and 16 November
  • 11am to 3pm on the final day on Sunday 17 November.

For more details, visit the Society of Fulham Artists and Potters website.

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