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H&F joins Chelsea boss Frank Lampard in condemning racist chanting

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Image captionImage 1: Chelsea boss Frank Lampard. PICTURE: GETTY IMAGES

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has condemned fans who marred the Blues’ away win in Southampton with racist chants.

Large numbers of visiting fans at the St Mary's Stadium on Sunday sang a song that included offensive terms for the gypsy and traveller community.

The Traveller Movement, who represent Gypsy and traveller communities in the UK, called the racist chants ‘appalling and demeaning’ and say they ‘have no place in football’.

This follows similar incidents in recent games away at Lille and at home to Valencia in the Champions League.

“It does go on and on,” Lampard said, having to make his latest condemnation of the chants, following the Southampton match. “None of us want it, I’ve said it before.”

“I watched a game on TV yesterday where I heard similar chants from other clubs. We don't want to have chants that are discriminatory to anybody. Anyone.

“It’s a wider problem than Chelsea, without a doubt. But that shouldn’t stop us talking about it.”

Cllr Sue Fennimore, Deputy Leader of Hammersmith & Fulham Council, backed the Blues boss and said: “Frank is entirely right, this has to stop – and stop now.

“Reports of racist incidents are sadly on the rise, and our football grounds have to be places that are inclusive to people of all races, beliefs and backgrounds.

“It is great to see a Chelsea legend like Frank Lampard taking a stand on these chants – now is the time for fans to follow his lead.”

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