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Arts Commission gets underway with support of local arts community

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Image captionArinzé Kene in Misty at the Bush Theatre © Helen Murray

A new community-led commission is working to help shape the future of the arts and culture scene in H&F for local residents.

The independent Arts Commission is made up of residents, volunteers, art experts and local arts organisations.

It will aim to build on the success of the council’s Arts Strategy (pdf 627KB) with recommendations to further boost the borough’s already thriving arts scene so all residents regardless of their background can get involved.

The commission will:

  • understand the crucial questions it needs to ask in order to explore arts and culture in the borough
  • examine the arts and culture scene within Hammersmith & Fulham and its impact for the future
  • bring a broad range of expertise to questions about arts and culture in H&F
  • gather evidence through primary and secondary research in order to have an informed debate
  • produce a set of recommendations for the borough.
Photo of theatre director Jonathan Church
Image caption: The H&F Arts Commission is chaired by Jonathan Church. PICTURE: JOHAN PERSSON

The Arts Commission is chaired by Jonathan Church, a celebrated theatre director, whose first three shows were staged at the Lyric theatre in Hammersmith.

“The borough already supports an extraordinary wealth of arts experiences ranging from internationally recognised institutions to true grass roots individuals and companies,” said Jonathan.

“There are many questions to be asked about how this can be built upon and how arts and culture can be part of improving the quality of life for the borough’s residents.”

Cllr Andrew Jones, H&F Cabinet Member for the Economy and the Arts said: “We want to build on the success of our Arts Strategy. This independent commission will come up with recommendations to help us make H&F an international beacon for the arts which all residents regardless of their background can enjoy and participate in.”

The commission will produce a set of recommendations for the council.

Visit the Arts Commission web page for more details or email Yvonne Thomson

H&F’s resident-led commissions

The Arts Commission is part of H&F’s commitment to do things with residents, rather than to them, and involve residents directly in shaping services and opportunities in the borough.

So far, more than 100 local people have worked in 12 resident-led commissions to come up with powerful and imaginative ideas and recommendations for improving life in our borough.

Visit the resident-led commissions web page for more details.

 Production photograph of Welcome to Thebes at LAMDA
Image caption: Production of Welcome to Thebes at LAMDA. PICTURE: RICHARD HUBERT SMITH

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