Domestic abuse victims get better chance of justice in H&F

Victims of domestic abuse are more likely to get justice in H&F than anywhere else in the capital.

In 2018-19, the borough achieved a 75.7 per cent conviction rate across 239 cases according to the latest Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) figures. The conviction rate – the best in London - means victims who often feel too vulnerable to come forward, might be more likely to do so in our borough.

“We’re determined to tackle domestic abuse, in all its forms,” said Cllr Sue Fennimore, H&F Council Deputy Leader. “So, we’re very pleased with these figures that show our efforts are reaping rewards.

“And this success rate could be key in giving other victims the courage to come forward and ask for help.”

A partnership between the police, the council and domestic abuse services, called the Impact Project, is being attributed in part to the success. The scheme was formed to encourage better joint working, processes and practice to improve outcomes for victims of domestic abuse.

Impact on victim’s lives

The Impact Project is a partnership between H&F Council, the police, Crown Prosecution Service and domestic abuse charities, Advance and Standing Together. It is aimed at improving the progress of cases through the criminal justice system ensuring efficient and effective justice for offenders and fast, proactive support for victims.

Some domestic abuse victims may be reluctant to come forward through fear of going through the court process, which for many can be intimidating.

Part of the Impact Project’s success is that victims are given support from a dedicated independent domestic violence advisor. The advisors work closely with victims to help them make decisions on the best course of action and can help support them through the court process.

Help is available

As well as the Impact Project, services available in H&F for victims of violence against women and girls include integrated support provided by the Angelou Partnership.

The Angelou Partnership can help with:

  • sexual violence or abuse, including rape and child exploitation
  • domestic abuse, this includes familial as well as partner relations
  • stalking and harassment
  • harmful practices, such as FGM and honour-based violence
  • faith-based violence
  • support tailored to specific backgrounds and needs, such as ethnicity and sexual orientation.

For help or advice, call the Angelou Partnership on 0808 801 0660, Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000 247, or Men’s Advice Line 0808 801 0327.

The CPS does not collect data which constitutes official statistics as defined in the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007. Data drawn from the CPS’s administrative IT system, as with any large scale recording system, is subject to possible errors with data entry and processing. Therefore, figures reported are provisional and subject to change as more information is recorded by the CPS.

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