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Cheer on the Lionesses as they take on Norway

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England v Norway? Try Chelsea v Chelsea! As England and Norway line up in the crunch quarter-final of the Women’s World Cup in France on Thursday evening, Chelsea fans will find their loyalties split.

For while the Lionesses can draw on Millie Bright, Karen Carney, Carly Telford and Fran Kirby, the Grasshoppers have made full use of Blues Maren Mjelde, Maria Thorisdottir and new summer signing Guro Reiten.

Both Mjelde and Reiten were on target with penalties in Norway’s 4-1 victory against Australia in reaching the quarter-final, while Thorisdottir – despite missing many of last season’s Chelsea Women’s matches after sustaining concussion – has played four full games for her national team.

The only fitness doubt of the seven Chelsea players who could take part in the 8pm kick-off match in Le Havre is Millie Bright, who picked up a bug following England’s bruising defeat of Cameroon.

Lionesses manager Phil Neville said Millie was recovering in her room, pending a late decision on the defender’s health.

Ellen White of England
Image caption: Ellen White of England

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