Brackenbury residents to help solve traffic and air quality issues

Residents in Brackenbury will be the first in the borough to use a new website to tackle local traffic and air quality issues.

Rat-running, cycling and air quality are among the issues residents will be able to tell the council about, as part of a wider plan to improve the environment for local residents, cyclists and pedestrians.

The Brackenbury transport consultation will contribute to the council’s aim of creating a low emissions neighbourhood around Hammersmith town centre, by reducing traffic, increasing walking and cycling and encouraging the use of public transport and electric vehicles.

“We always want to work with residents, rather than doing things to them,” said Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Cabinet Member for Environment.

“We’re always looking for the best and most innovative ways to work closely with residents. We often hear their concerns and encourage comments about issues affecting where they live.

“This website enables them to easily give us first-hand feedback on what we’re doing well and what needs to change.”

Creating better streets

The new web-based consultation, allows residents to pinpoint perceived trouble-spots, suggest solutions and make comments in close detail, using a digital map.

The project aims to:

  • improve Brackenbury by creating better streets, which are accessible to all and put people before motor vehicles
  • create streets and an environment where everyone feels safe, when walking and cycling
  • encourage people to get active by providing a healthier place to live, work and explore.

Have your say

The system allows residents to pinpoint exact areas of road, pavement or other land and give feedback which can be positive or negative. They can add further detail on any issues and general comments.

For the Brackenbury area, residents will be able to comment on any traffic issues they experience, such as rat-running, speeding or cycling on the pavement. But, they will also be able to make suggestions for how to improve the general environment for everyone.

The Brackenbury area transport consultation is open to anyone who lives or works in, travels through, or regularly visits the area highlighted by the map. The consultation runs until 28 July.

Visit the Brackenbury Transport Map website and share your views.