White City estate residents make their green dreams come true

Residents of the White City estate are set to help make major improvements to their green spaces.

We’re asking local residents – in partnership with eco charity Groundwork London and the White City tenants’ and residents’ association – to work with us to restore their green public spaces, offer job skills to residents and help fight climate change.

“We’ve set up this scheme to put local people at the heart of improving their estate, while at the same time offering them an opportunity to learn new skills,” said Cllr Lisa Homan, H&F Cabinet Member for Housing. “We’re firmly committed to doing things with residents, not to them.”

Going green

Public meetings will be held next week on the estate for residents to share their views on how their green spaces could be improved.

Groundwork will work with local residents to help plant trees and shrubs. The long-term goals are to improve air quality and promote biodiversity, while giving residents the chance to get to know each other. The charity will also work local residents to install green infrastructure – such as anti-flooding drainage schemes and green roofs.

In addition, Groundwork will set up a dedicated maintenance and horticulture training programme for residents looking to learn new skills called the ‘Green Team’.

What’s next?

Once decided, the improvement works will take place from March to May for green spaces around: Abercrombie, Blaxland, Auckland, Canning, Cornwallis and Champlain Houses.

The second phase of improvements runs from May to November for green spaces around: Havelock, Hudson, Hargraves, Phipps, Lawson, Hastings, Ellenborough, Mackenzie, Lawrence, Grey, Durban, Baird, Campbell, Mackay, Bentick, Bathurst, Carteret, Calvert, Brisbane, Evans, Davis, Mitchell and Denham houses, as well as Creighton and Batman Close.

Find out more about the scheme to improve open spaces and promote greener living in White City.

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