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Take the #HelloNeighbour challenge to loneliness in our community

Can you pledge to spend just an hour a week until the end of the year supporting a neighbour in need?

Hammersmith & Fulham Council and Nextdoor are asking local residents to help tackle isolation and loneliness by doing simple things that can make a big difference. 

A recent survey by Nextdoor found that one in every two people has experienced loneliness in the past year. Yet the smallest of actions could help to change that.

“Everyone wants to feel connected to others. Having a chat over a cup of tea, giving a hand with shopping or taking a walk in the park together are great ways for residents to help their neighbours feel less alone,” said Cllr Ben Coleman, Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care at H&F Council.

How you can get involved

There are three simple steps to helping make your community a less lonely place for some:

  1. Log onto Nextdoor and you will see the #HelloNeighbour message. Click on the ‘Get involved!’ button to share the message on your Nextdoor newsfeed.
  2. Use Nextdoor to find a neighbour to support, or ask neighbours if they need a hand, or join someone else in supporting a neighbour in need.
  3. Share the #HelloNeighbour Challenge with friends, family and colleagues to get as many people as possible to take part. To share your story and pictures use #HelloNeighbour.

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