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Local entrepreneurs hail Petit Miracles effect

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Image captionPhoto 1: From left to right: Elisicia Moore, Sharon Rennie, Janette Lindsey and Alena Serafy

Local designer Janette Lindsey says she couldn’t have started her own business without the help of Petit Miracles.

The Hammersmith entrepreneur recently launched her bespoke upholstery business, J’nette Designz, thanks to the training and support provided by the not-for-profit business-focused charity in Shepherds Bush Green.

Janette joined a host of other local independent business owners last week at the Petit Miracle Hub to celebrate the achievements of the charity in the past year. It has played a vital role supporting local entrepreneurs and small businesses while also providing work and learning opportunities for more than 150 local people.

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“Petit Miracles is doing fantastic work with up-and-coming local entrepreneurs,” said Cllr Andrew Jones, H&F Cabinet Member for the Economy and the Arts.

“We want to give budding entrepreneurs all the support, advice and training they need to start up, grow and prosper as we work hard to make H&F the best place to do business in Europe.”

The work of Petit Miracles is a reflection of the council’s Industrial Strategy which aims to make it easier, cheaper and quicker for local entrepreneurs to access the services they need to ensure everyone benefits from the economic growth in the borough.

Earlier this year, the council awarded Petit Miracles £50,000 to help fund its hugely successful Start Your Own Enterprise course.

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Image caption: Photo 2: Petit Miracles founder Elisicia Moore

Entrepreneurial energy

“We want to continue helping local entrepreneurs mainly from disadvantaged backgrounds to start their own business,” said Petit Miracles founder Elisicia Moore.

“H&F Council’s help has been crucial and assisted us in providing this vital service to local residents.”

Elisicia and her team started out in the West 12 Centre where they still host local businesses in their Petit Miracle creative retail space.

They now also have a retail shop in Shepherds Bush Green which offers affordable space for entrepreneurs to showcase their products.

Local talent

Here are some of the current local entrepreneurs on show at Petit Miracles:

Damien Hokan of Hokan Deux Trois

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Image caption: Photo 3: Damien Hokan of Hokan Deux Trois

The White City resident decided to start his own clothing line after a t-shirt he designed proved a real hit.

With no money to buy some new clothes for a night out, Damien came up with a t-shirt design and had it printed for a tenner.

That night, people kept asking him who the top was by and he said ‘Hokan 23’ which was a combination of his surname and age at the time. The brand name has since been given a more French twist.

“The idea of starting my own clothes line began right there that night,” said Damien. “I love drawing. I’ve always got a pen and pad on me and being here at Petit Miracles is fantastic.

“It’s a great chance to meet other business owners who understand what you are going through and the demands of running your own business. There is a good network of support and advice here for local entrepreneurs.”

The qualified gas engineer, who went to Miles Coverdale primary school in Shepherds Bush, loves chess, which his brother Warren taught him to play. He extended that love into his company logo which is in the shape of the ‘king’ piece.

Check out Damien’s clothes line.

Janette Lindsey of J’nette Designz

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Image caption: Photo 4: Janette Lindsey of J’nette Designz

Janette launched her bespoke upholstery company in August after discovering Petit Miracles.

She previously worked in corporate HR for oil companies before going to study at the British Academy of Interior Design.

It was during this time she accidently came across a show house in Fulham and it changed her life.

“The show house had glass floors and spectacular pieces of furniture throughout. That was when I thought ‘I can do this’,” said Janette.

“The business bootcamp put on by Petit Miracles is a great initiative for people wanting to start their own business. It gives you a great insight into what to expect including the pitfalls of having your own business.”

Janette also continues to take upholstery and soft furnishing classes at the Macbeth Centre in Macbeth Street, just off King Street.

The Macbeth Centre is an adult learning and skills service provided by H&F Council.

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Image caption: Photo 5: Alena Serafy of Sabani Linens

Alena Serafy of Sabani Linens

The Fulham resident started her business three years ago with the help of her son Taymour.

After giving up being a GP to raise her children, the entrepreneur who was born in Prague, decided to launch her Egyptian cotton linen collection.

“I’ve been around Egyptian cotton ever since I met my husband Tarek who is from Egypt. It’s all around us,” joked Alena.

She has traded at the nearby Portobello Market for a number of years but has now made the move into a retail space thanks to Petit Miracles.

“Elisicia and her team offer an amazing platform for local people to showcase their products on,” added Alena.

“I’ve moved from trading at markets to having a roof over my head in a fantastic retail space in the heart of Shepherds Bush.”

Take a look at Alena's Sabani Linens online.

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