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H&F primaries among best in the country: still time to apply

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Image captionPhoto 1: The closing date to apply for primary school applications is 15 January 2019

New figures show H&F pupils attend some of the best primary schools and continue to get some of the best exam results in the country.

Figures released this month measured the performance in reading, writing and maths for 11-year-olds before they headed off to secondary school.

In H&F, 83 per cent of pupils passed reading, 82 per cent writing, and 85 per cent maths. When compared to national figures, this compares to 75 per cent, 78 per cent and 76 per cent respectively.

“I know that we have some of the most dedicated, caring and inspirational teachers and school staff in the country,” said Cllr Larry Culhane, H&F Council’s Cabinet Member for Children and Education.

“They are doing fantastic work creating a love of learning and these results reflect that.”

An all-round education

The figures don’t tell the whole story, though. There are so many other ways our schools work to give pupils experiences beyond the academic – like Old Oak Primary’s food waste project, as well as H&F’s Christmas Singing Festival, and dodgeball tournament which both take place every year.

Not long left to apply for 2019 primary school places

If you have a child who was born between 1 September 2014 and 31 August 2015 then they will be starting primary school next year.

The closing date to apply for primary school applications is 15 January 2019.

Applying online is quick and easy to do. Visit our primary school admissions section where you’ll find everything you need.

Hints and tips

When choosing schools which are right for your child there are a number of things to consider. They include:

  • The admissions criteria – for example some schools use a lottery, some schools have nurseries but most do not prioritise their nursery children, and not all schools give priority to siblings.
  • Church schools will need you to provide extra information – they will include documents such as baptism certificates.
  • You can apply for up to six preferences – schools are not informed of the preferences you have made or the order you have placed them in.
  • You won’t definitely be offered one of your preferences – to increase your chances you should include at least one school where you’re reasonably certain your child meets the criteria.

Our admissions web pages includes a handy guide on the application process where you can find more advice.

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