Don’t let Brexit mess with your business! Tell us your thoughts with our Brexit business survey

We’re asking local businesses about Brexit.

We want to make Hammersmith & Fulham the best place to do business in Europe and we’re already working with many local businesses to achieve this.

Our next step is to find out more about the impact of Brexit on you and our local economy and we’re keen to know what you think with our Brexit survey.

“In the Brexit referendum, 70 per cent of people in Hammersmith & Fulham voted to remain in the EU,” said Cllr Stephen Cowan, Leader of H&F Council.

“Respecting that, H&F Council policy is in favour of remaining in the EU and calling for a People’s Vote on any deal the government proposes – including the option to keep the current deal we have by staying in the EU.”

Supporting local businesses

Businesses in the borough, many of whom are directly affected by Brexit, have had little opportunity to raise their hopes and fears for the future.

This short survey will help us get a wider understanding of this and how you - the people with real experience of our local economy - are being affected right now, and how we could help.

We would love to hear any ideas you have to help us work together to make H&F the best place to do business in Europe.

Our ‘Brexit and your business’ survey is now closed. Thank you giving us your views.

The deadline to complete the survey was 31 December 2018.

H&F – Heart of Europe

Our borough is one of the most European areas of our cosmopolitan city, and H&F Council has pledged to do everything possible to support EU citizens and protect local jobs and career opportunities.

We have a wealth of European food, drink, history and cultural links which enrich our community, and make it the great place it is.

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