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Work starts to build genuinely affordable homes in Emlyn Gardens

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Image captionImage 1: From left to right, Matt Campion of Shepherds Bush Housing Association, Cllr Lisa Homan and John Crawford of Yarrow Housing

Work is underway to build 14 new, genuinely affordable homes in Shepherds Bush for local residents.

Eight of these new properties at the Emlyn Gardens estate have been earmarked for residents with learning difficulties to help them live independently.

“We are committed to increasing the supply of affordable homes in our borough,” said Cllr Lisa Homan, H&F Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing.

“Due to the scarcity of suitable sites and the high price of land we continue to develop council-owned sites, like Emlyn Gardens, whenever and wherever possible.”


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Image caption: Image 2: As well as new homes, the plans will see a new community centre built for residents of the neighbouring estate

The plans were agreed by Hammersmith & Fulham Council in May last year.

The council is working closely with housing association Shepherds Bush Housing Group on the scheme, which will see the derelict tenants’ hall at Emlyn Gardens redeveloped into 14 affordable rental properties (10 one-bed and four two-bed) for residents on the housing waiting list.

The housing association is expected to complete the scheme by January 2020.

Specialist housing for Disabled residents

Eight one-bed properties have been reserved for residents with learning disabilities, three of which are wheelchair accessible.

The flats will allow people with learning difficulties to live independently. Yarrow Housing will manage the new homes and staff will be on site to provide support, if needed.

“There is a shortage of housing for people with learning disabilities in our borough,” Cllr Homan added.

“And because of this many are forced to move out of H&F away from their friends, family and support network. This simply isn't fair and we are determined to build more genuinely affordable homes for all our residents.”

Yarrow Housing has been supporting people with learning disabilities for more than a quarter of a century in H&F and has been rated as outstanding for care twice by the Care Quality Commission.

New community centre and playground

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Image caption: Image 3: The Emlyn Gardens estate as it is today

As well as new homes, the plans will see a new community centre built for residents of the neighbouring estate. This will replace the former tenants’ hall which could not be used due to its poor condition.

Matt Campion, CEO of Shepherds Bush Housing Group, said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with H&F Council on building more affordable homes. Whenever we build we try to add something back for the existing community so the new community centre will be an important part of the project.”

The council is working with local community groups who will determine exactly how it should be used for the benefit of local people. There will also be an upgraded new play area to replace the existing one.

A legacy of genuinely affordable homes

In March, work began to build 30 affordable homes by redeveloping the council-owned Fulham North Housing Office and adjacent car park.

The same month, plans were approved to build a total of 71 affordable homes as part of the new EdCity education hub located in Australia Road and an additional 118 affordable homes at the former M&S warehouse site north of Westfield.

A further 133 affordable homes are planned for the Clem Attlee estate in Fulham at Edith Summerskill House– with the vast majority at council-level rents with Fulham residents given first chance to move in.

The council is also working with A2Dominion on ambitious plans to renovate Hammersmith Town Hall at the western end of King Street with at least 50 per cent genuinely-affordable housing for local residents and a modern new cinema.

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Image caption: Image 4: CGI of the new properties at the Emlyn Gardens estate

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