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Comic Jessie Cave hopes to avoid looking like Trump at Shepherds Bush Comedy Festival

Comedian Jessie Cave is hoping she doesn’t have another bad hair day when she performs at the Shepherds Bush Comedy Festival on Sunday (29 July).

When we sat down with the brutally honest comic ahead of her gig at the Bush Theatre in Uxbridge Road, she revealed one of her most embarrassing moments on stage – when she resembled, of all people, American president Donald Trump.

“I sweated so much my hair got stuck to my forehead and it looked like a Donald Trump toupee,” added Jessie. “Not a good look.”

The well-known comedian is renowned for her frank, spill-your-heart-out style – which often gets audience members to say: ‘I thought I was the only one?’.

The former Latymer Upper student will close the 11-day comedy festival – organised by Hammersmith & Fulham Council in partnership with PBJ Management and Bush Theatre – with her new show, titled Sunrise.

“I’ve been writing my material from a small, hot, hotel room,” said Jessie. “I have to go somewhere else to be able to write. Because if I can hear my children I cannot resist hugging them and watching Paw Patrol.

“I’m not really on my own very often. So whenever I’m alone for longer than an hour I start panicking – and I need to write.”

Shepherds Bush history

The 31-year-old mother-of-two, who is best known for her role as Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter series of films, also has a bit of history with Shepherds Bush. In particular, the Defectors Weld pub in Uxbridge Road where she had a memorable moment with her now ex-boyfriend and fellow comedian Alfie Brown.

“I told Alfie I was pregnant outside the Defectors Weld at his 27th birthday party. We had had a one-night stand a few months ago and this was the first time we had met since. He was very nice,” she added.

“I grew up in west London so it’s great to be doing shows here. And the line-up is incredible. I am honoured to be a part of the festival.”

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Image caption: Image 2: James Acaster


Jessie is just one of a star-studded line-up of comedians at the festival which includes Jen Brister, James Acaster, Nina Conti and Adam Riches.

The summer comedy festival is supported by Westfield London, U+I PLC, Dorsett Hotel and A2Dominion.

The festival forms part of the council’s Arts Strategy (pdf) to make H&F one of the country’s leading destinations for the arts.

The council is working towards giving residents exposure to forms of art they would otherwise be unlikely to access.

“We’ve brought the Shepherds Bush Comedy Festival back this year with even more top names from the world of comedy,” said Cllr Andrew Jones, H&F Cabinet Member for the Economy and the Arts. “We want to make H&F an international beacon for the arts as we look to make our already vibrant arts scene even better.”

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Image caption: Image 3: Nina Conti

Last year’s event

The inaugural comedy festival ran over four days in the revamped Bush Theatre in 2017.

The year-long renovation was made possible by £1m of funding from H&F Council – as well as £2.5m from Arts Council England and donations from generous individuals, trusts and foundations.

For more details, times and tickets, visit: or call 020 8743 5050.

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