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Silent Witness is back as H&F remains a box office hit in the world of TV and cinema

Hammersmith and Fulham continues to be one of the top box office locations in London for directors to shoot their next blockbuster hit.

Television drama Silent Witness is currently recording part of its 22nd series at Hurlingham Academy in Peterborough Road.

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Image caption: Image 2: Silent Witness cast. PICTURE: BBC

The hugely-popular BBC show has been using various locations across the borough for numerous years such as Fulham Mortuary, Wormwood Scrubs, Hammersmith Grove, Upper Mall and Hammersmith Town Hall.

It’s part of a long list of TV shows made on the streets of H&F which includes classics such as Bottom, Absolutely Fabulous, The Bill and more recent hits like McMafia and Grantchester which are currently both back to film a new series.

And finding the perfect spot for a particular scene could not be any easier after H&F Council complied 170 different sites on offer in the borough into one comprehensive location library.

“We aim to continue to be one of the top locations in London for films and TV dramas,” said Cllr Andrew Jones, H&F Cabinet Member for the Economy and the Arts. “We want to enhance the contribution of the arts to the local community and economy as we make H&F a creative, innovative and exciting place to live and do business.”

Film legacy

Landmarks in H&F have been popping up on the silver screen for almost 70 years.

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Image caption: Image 3: The Omen (1976). PICTURE: 20TH CENTURY FOX

Hammersmith Bridge first appeared in Night and the City in 1950 starring Golden Globe winner Richard Widmark before it featured again in the 90s romantic hit Sliding Doors starring Gwyneth Paltrow.

Meanwhile, All Saints church in Bishops Park was used in arguably one of the scariest horror movies to ever be made in The Omen (1976) with Hollywood legend Gregory Peck.

Other standout films which were on location in the borough include Trainspotting, The Da Vinci Code, Bend it like Beckham, Love Actually and Shaun of the Dead to name but a few.

British spy thriller Red Joan starring Oscar winner Judi Dench is the latest movie to be filmed in H&F after scenes were staged on Macbeth Street.

Britain’s Got Talent

ITV show Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals and final were filmed at Hammersmith Apollo in Queen Caroline Street.

It was part of a whole host of ITV programmes which are now being made in H&F. The likes of Good Morning Britain and This Morning have moved to the new studios at Television Centre in Wood Lane.

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Image caption: Image 4: Britain's Got Talent. PICTURE: ITV

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