‘Poetry 4 Grenfell’ comes to Bush Theatre

The community around Grenfell Tower are bringing a very special performance to the Bush Theatre in July, thanks to the support of H&F Council.

Coordinated by local arts organisation, Kamitan Arts, residents will be reciting, singing and rapping from their book ‘Poetry 4 Grenfell – Voices from da Grove and Latimer’.

Kamitan Arts has been working with children, young people and older members of the community since the tragedy and launched the ‘Poetry 4 Grenfell’ project on the H&F Hive to raise money to bring the community’s voices together in a book of poems, rap, drawings and photos.

Hammersmith & Fulham Council set up the H&F Hive to enable local organisations and residents to raise money for great community projects. A £2,000 pledge from the council helped the project to reach its fundraising target.

Cllr Sue Fennimore, Deputy Leader of H&F Council, said: “Following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower, we stand shoulder to shoulder with everyone who has suffered. We were very pleased to be able to support this fantastic project to help give a voice to the local community.”

The performance at Bush Theatre

‘Poetry 4 Grenfell’ is being performed at the Bush Theatre on Saturday 14 July at 8pm. You can find more information, including details of how to book tickets on the Bush Theatre website.

Along with the recitals, there will be a short film directed by Emmanuelle Marcel ‘Ja’bbour, featuring local people’s testimonies.

H&F Hive supporting the community

In addition to raising money from friends and neighbours on the H&F Hive, projects can pitch for a share of £200,000* which H&F Council has made available to support great initiatives.

*Most of the council funding for H&F Hive comes from contributions from developers, through the national Community Infrastructure Levy, which is designed to ensure the benefits of development projects are shared by local communities.

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