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H&F marries the borough’s own ‘Royal couple’

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Image captionImage 1: Emma-Louise Percival and Rob Bridgman got married in Hammersmith Town Hall’s Marble Gallery

Millions tuned in to the Royal wedding on Saturday. But one couple only had eyes for each other as they tied the knot at Hammersmith Town Hall just hours after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were wed in Windsor.

Emma-Louise Percival and Rob Bridgman, both 30, said Hammersmith Town Hall was the perfect venue.

The pair – who live in Shepherds Bush – married in the Marble Gallery, just one of several ceremony rooms within the town hall.

Absolutely beautiful

“We thought the Marble Gallery was absolutely beautiful – it’s an amazing room,” said Emma-Louise, who spoke to us ahead of their wedding.

She lives with Rob, in Ollgar Close, who said: “It was quite a surprise, a statement room. We popped in again with Emma-Louise’s mum and stepdad so they could see it, it was nice to see their reactions.”

The couple said they loved the location, close to the river and Furnivall Gardens, which they described as ‘urban tranquillity’.

In fact, they thought it fit for a princess and her prince.

“I thought it was a shame for Meghan and Harry that they can’t get married at Hammersmith Town Hall,” joked Emma-Louise.

“We’d already booked it so they’ve had to get married at Windsor Castle instead. But there you go. You snooze, you lose.”

They held their reception at the nearby Hampshire Hog pub in King Street.


Both lawyers, Emma-Louise and Rob got engaged in March 2017. They first met while at an open day at Warwick University. They realised they were both from Ruislip, and had lived about a mile apart without ever coming across each other.

They got together two years later, while in their final year of uni, and have now been together for more than nine years.

They say they’ve not just been delighted with the venue but with the support given by staff at Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s Register Office.

“The staff have been wonderful,” said Emma-Louise. “Every time we called we’ve been able to get through. They’ve been friendly helpful, they’ve been great.”

You can find out more online about getting married at Hammersmith Town Hall, as well as our other venue, Fulham Library.

You can contact the team by calling 020 8753 2140 or emailing

Our venues

Our venues let couples personalise their ceremony and staff can help with colour schemes, music and other touches.

There are six rooms within the town hall which suit people with different tastes and groups of different sizes.

They are:

  • Register Office – 4 people
  • Rose Room – 16 people
  • Riverside Room – 40 people
  • Mayor’s Parlour – 30 people
  • Council Chamber – 100 people
  • Marble Gallery – 150 people.

Fulham Library’s Exhibition Hall is another of our popular venues which can accommodate 122 people. 

You can see more details online, including pictures, of these and a list of other venues in H&F.

Would you like to host weddings?

There are some fantastic places to party in H&F after getting married at one of the venues above.

If you run a business, such as a pub, restaurant, or hotel, then you can licence your premises to hold ceremonies.

It’s a great way to boost trade. Why not get in touch with the team and find out more?

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