Council pressures Thames Water to fix North End Road sewer urgently

North End Road shops and market open for pre-Christmas business as usual

Residents in West Kensington are being asked to plan their journeys in advance to avoid traffic caused by emergency sewer repair works.

They’re also being asked to keep supporting local businesses during the works.

Thames Water is having to repair a sewer pipe which has collapsed in busy North End Road near to West Kensington Underground station.

Unfortunately, the scale of the repairs means the road has been closed to traffic - but not pedestrians - for three weeks, with motorists being diverted via alternative routes.

All shops and North End Road market remain fully open for business in this busy pre-Christmas period.

North End Road open for business as usual

All shops and North End Road market remain fully open for business in this busy pre-Christmas period and visitors can still park in the local area.

The North End Road traffic-free Christmas Market is still going ahead.

The North End Road Christmas Market on Saturday 9 December is part of H&F Council’s drive, together with residents of the North End Road Action Group, to bring out the best of the major high street which is celebrating its 130th birthday this year.

How the council is reacting

Thames Water have been asked to use extra resources and work around the clock to complete the repairs as quickly as possible, while ensuring minimal disturbance to neighbouring residents.

The council has also lobbied Thames Water to install additional signs along the A4 as well as re-enforcing those along Fulham Palace Road. The situation will be monitored closely while the works continue.

Diversion routes for traffic travelling both north and south have been signposted.

The diversion routes are:

Southbound - West Cromwell Road > Earls Court Road > Old Brompton Road > Lillie Road. No entry to North End Road from Talgarth Road.

Northbound - Lillie Road (westbound) > Fulham Palace Road > Queen Caroline Street > Hammersmith Broadway > Hammersmith Road > North End Road


The 28, 391 and N28 bus services are being diverted during the repairs.

For the latest travel information, visit, or follow @TfLBusAlerts on Twitter.

If you have comments or complaints, call Thames Water on 0800 316 9800.