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Our crowdfunding platform is heading for another community success

Friends and neighbours in Shepherds Bush are hoping to attract funding to bring their vision for their local park to life.

The newly-formed Wendell Park Gardening Friends group are hoping to attract the funding from the council’s new crowdfunding site, H&F Hive. The council has made £200,000 available for community-led projects via the Spacehive platform. And as well as raising funds from local people or organisations, project organisers can now bid for small grants from the council.

“We are encouraging people to continue making positive changes in their community and have set up the H&F Hive to help people to do this,” said Cllr Sue Fennimore, H&F Council Deputy Leader. “It’s great to see neighbours taking such a keen interest in their local park.”

Simon Grange, chair of the new Friends group, said: “Wendell Park is a great little park that is very much loved by the local community.  When I posted my idea for improving the park, the response from my neighbours was incredible. People were keen to get involved and we came up with a plan to get together to plant new flowers and shrubs.”

Friends bid for funds

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Image caption: Image 2: The Friends have big plans for the future of Wendell Park

The community around Wendell Park began talking about their ideas for the park on neighbourhood social network Nextdoor, and decided to form a group to coordinate their activities, the Wendell Park Gardening Friends.

After working with the parks team at H&F Council to finalise their plans for replanting a large 400m2 herbaceous border, the Wendell Park Gardening Friends posted their project on the H&F Hive. They are now asking the local community to help them raise funds for the shrubs, bulbs and gardening equipment.

“We have been amazed at the enthusiasm in the local community,” Simon added. “We have already held two bulb planting sessions with children from Wendell Park primary, and many other neighbours have been coming along to help us.

“It’s really bringing the local community together – and we would love to raise the funds to be able to make all our plans come to life.”

The Friends have big plans for the future of Wendell Park and see this project as the first of many.

“We have a vision to make our park a very special focal point of all members of our community,” he said. “And we would love people to help us to achieve this aim by donating, or even volunteering their gardening skills.”

Find out more about the Friends’ project on H&F Hive.


The Wendell Park Gardening Friends came together by chatting and sharing ideas on new online social network, Nextdoor.

In the Wendell Park neighbourhood alone, more than 800 residents (or 20 per cent of households) use Nextdoor to keep in touch with their local community.

Across the borough 6,500 residents are now signed up to Nextdoor. Not only is Nextdoor the perfect place to find out what’s happening in your neighbourhood, it’s also a great place to start discussing, and building support for, your community project idea.

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Image caption: Image 3: Wendell Park Primary School children tidying the park