H&F Hive offers £100,000 funding for community projects

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Image captionH&F Hive is a revolutionary new way of funding community-led events

Community crowd-funding has had a £100,000 boost from Hammersmith & Fulham Council, and is already reaping success.

H&F Hive is open to communities wanting to raise funds for local events, make improvements to their environment or set up new services. As well as raising funds from local people or organisations, people can now bid for small grants from the council.

The council has moved two funding schemes onto the crowd-funding platform. Its Fast Track grant schemes previously needed a paper application. And a new fund, paid for by local developers through the national Community Infrastructure Levy, is also open to online bids through H&F Hive.

This revolutionary new way of funding community-led events and schemes has already delivered its very first fruits – and we want more groups to benefit in the same way.

A summer party in the park, organised by charity Shepherds Bush Families Project & Children's Centre, was the first event to secure H&F Hive funding.

They created a page on H&F Hive selling their event to potential backers – and, because they made such a persuasive case, the cash came flooding in. They smashed through their target for £1,328 to make their summer party happen: with the cash being spread 50:50 between H&F Council funding, and community-based donations.

Image caption: The Shepherds Bush Families Project celebrates in Ravenscourt Park as the first H&F Council-funded project using Spacehive

“This is a very modern way of making great things happen in the community,” said Cllr Sue Fennimore, H&F Council Deputy Leader, “and we want to see more and more charities and community groups benefit from the funding available. 

“This is all about making it easy for people who want to make a positive change for their community. Local charities and community groups can use H&F Hive to tell people about their plans, and potentially unlock funding from both the council and other generous donors in the community. 

“Doing innovative things online is one of the ways we have been able to cut costs and keep council tax bills the third lowest in the country. So everyone wins.”

By appealing to local businesses who may want to help encourage community spirit - and to residents who can donate any amount, big or small -  H&F Hive helps council grant funding go further than it ever could on its own.

Take a look at the Hammersmith & Fulham Movement, #HFPlaces, on Spacehive.

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