Hear how H&F is becoming a better borough for Disabled people


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The Disabled People’s Commission will be discussing its ideas at a public meeting on 2 October

Come and hear how local Disabled residents are finding ways to improve the lives of Disabled people with the help of H&F Council.

Hammersmith & Fulham Disabled People’s Commission will be discussing its ideas at a public meeting on 2 October. Please register to attend.

“We are really keen to hear what Disabled residents have to say about our draft recommendations for change, which we hope will be long lasting and wide reaching,” said Tara Flood, Chair of the Disabled People’s Commission.

“Our draft recommendations reflect what local Disabled people have told us needs to be improved and in particular how we want the council to work with us to make that change happen.”

Made up of local Disabled residents, it is one of nine resident and expert-led commissions set up by H&F Council which enable the community to make real, positive change in our borough.

The commission has spent the past year working with the community to create a detailed picture of what works well and what could be introduced to improve people’s lives. It included previous public events and a consultation.

“Too often, councils do things to or for Disabled people rather than with them. We want to change that,” said Cllr Ben Coleman, H&F Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care.

“Our vision is for Hammersmith & Fulham to become the most accessible and inclusive borough in London, where everybody has the opportunity to succeed.

“Tara and her team of commissioners have been working tirelessly over the past year, we’re looking forward to hearing their recommendations and working with them to put them into action”

The Hammersmith & Fulham Disabled People’s Commission will be talking about its findings and recommendations for the future at 4.30pm on Monday 2 October.

It will be held at St Paul’s Centre in Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith. There will be British Sign Language and speech-to-text typists.

To register, call Kevin Caulfield on 020 8753 2106 or 07584 655244. You can also email him at kevin.caulfield@lbhf.gov.uk.

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