Success for students at Ealing, Hammersmith and West London’s College

A-level results day at Ealing, Hammersmith and West London’s College will see some 80 students moving on to university, with many others going into apprenticeships. 

While some students checked their results online, other stuck to tradition and visited the college in Gliddon Road, Barons Court, to pick up that fateful envelope in person.

It was also a chance for the students to say their final farewells to staff before they start their next exciting adventure.

It was a challenge

John Obmasca, 22, came to the UK when he was 17 and only reached the minimum entry requirement for A-levels. He leaves the college with As in biology, chemistry and maths and is heading the University of Leicester to study medical physiology.

“Biology was very difficult, so I was hoping to just get a B. I was so shocked when I saw the A, I couldn’t believe it,” he said.

“A-levels were a challenge, I really had to focus. I treated it like a job making sure I did 40 hours of study a week.”

Happy and excited

Heading to Bristol University is Kaih Nwagwu. The nineteen-year-old topped off her year scooping an A in sociology and a B in psychology.

“I only had one option for university, and I’m so excited to have got it,” she says. 

“I didn’t have much faith in myself to get there, but I’m so happy that I’ve done it.”

Second time lucky

Will Byrne, 19, is celebrating an A in politics and B in law and has accepted a place at Manchester University.

This was Will’s second attempt at A-levels and he says that the college proved a more fruitful environment for him.

“The change of environment worked really well for me,” he said. 

“It was great to get to know such a wide variety of people.”

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