Residents’ views wanted on plans for new zebra crossings in Carnwath Road

Following requests made by local residents, we are consulting for peoples’ views on proposals to add two temporary zebra crossings in Carnwath Road.

The footpath next to the Thames Tideway tunnel construction site has been closed during the works and two informal raised crossings have been built. 

However, following comments from nearby residents telling us they’d feel safer with zebra crossings, we’re working with residents to see if pedestrian safety can be improved.

“We want to ensure our residents always feel safe when using our roads and footpaths,” said Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport and Residents’ Services.

“That’s why we’re asking people if they would like to see some zebra crossings added to Carnwath Road.

“We’ve listened carefully to local residents’ comments and are now giving people the chance to define what happens next.”

Consulting for your views

If people are in favour following the results of the consultation, the temporary zebra crossings would replace the two raised crossings. 

The new crossings would have the added benefit of being more clearly identifiable to road users as pedestrian crossings.

Although Carnwath Road is not a main road, it has high volumes of traffic during the rush hour.

The consultation, a road safety audit and construction of any crossings would be funded entirely by Thames Tideway, who will also be reinstating the footway once the works have been completed.

Consultation documents will be sent to local residents and businesses. You can also have your say via the online consultation.