H&F residents quick to sign up to London’s first free electric car club

Green-minded residents have been quick to subscribe to H&F Council’s new electric car club – the first of its kind in London.

H&F Council has partnered with providers Bluecity to offer residents an exclusive offer of one year’s free membership, with many having already snapped up the deal.

What is Bluecity?

Bluecity is an electric car club, a bit like borrowing a Santander cycle, where you can pick up a car from any local charging point.

H&F already has a network of 85 on-street electric vehicle charging points, including in residential streets, which is expected to grow to 150 by Summer 2017. Car club members can use any of these charging points.

Bluecity cars create no exhaust emissions, so you can drive around safe in the knowledge you’re not contributing to local air pollution levels as well as helping to combat climate change.

Club members will be able to reserve a vehicle 30-minutes in advance and can leave it in one of the many compatible charging bays across London, which can be found via the app.

The offer

If you live and work in H&F, you can subscribe online and use the code ‘EARLYBIRD’.

Subscribe online

The deal entitles you to a year’s free membership (usually £5 per month) and 20 hours of driving (usually 17p per minute – minimum charge of £3.40).

Users will be able to reserve a vehicle 30-minutes in advance and can leave it in any charging bay in any of the 16 London boroughs who are signed up to Source London.

To learn more about electric cars and membership, visit www.blue-city.co.uk.

The launch

The new car club will launch officially at the special ‘eco fair’ event to be held later this summer.

The event will showcase the environmental projects recently undertaken in H&F, as well as showcasing future green schemes.

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