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Schools and parents continue the opposition to government school funding cuts

The government’s consultation on its plan to slash school’s funding may have closed but the campaign goes on to protect H&F children’s education.

It follows protests by pupils, parents and teachers this week. Wendell Park primary in Cobbold Road was awash with colourful signs and concerned parents last Thursday and Friday afternoon. 

One of the parents and organisers, Emma Blijdenstein, appealed to fellow parents by saying: “Please help us stop the government plan to take away massive amounts of money from our schools. It will have a direct impact on Wendell Park and our children’s education.”

The changes would see funding to all H&F’s schools cut by three per cent.

It comes as costs are already soaring by 10 per cent over the past three years. If the new cuts are implemented, small primary schools would face a financial burden of over £100,000 per year – the equivalent of at least two teachers. In a secondary school this would mean an even larger financial squeeze.

“We are working with parents, teachers and governors to put the government under increasing pressure to think again about cutting funding to H&F’s schools”, said Cllr Sue Fennimore, H&F Cabinet Member for Social Inclusion.

“The official consultation may have closed but there are still ways to continue the campaign and I urge you to join us in opposing these awful plans.”   

You can still fight the cuts:

More than 400 people attended a packed public meeting at Hammersmith Town Hall earlier this month. You can find out more about what the changes will mean and how we’re working to support our schools at H&F Councils’ website.

“I’m very thankful that we’ve got such an active group of parents at the school and we are all working together to save our children’s education,” said headteacher Michael Schumm. 

“The cuts are massive and will have a huge effect. We try our best to offer a rich and diverse curriculum and these cuts will directly hit our teaching staff. I desperately want to avoid having to cut any of my dedicated and committed staff.”

Is your school doing anything to oppose the cuts? Email us and let us know