Our plans to make H&F even better for families – have your say

We have plans to make it quicker and easier for H&F’s families to find support and activities near them and we’d like to know what you think.

The idea is to improve the way different services for young people, parents, and carers work together so they are easier to access.

We will protect the things that work well – such as H&F’s 16 children’s centres. And we’re changing what could be improved – such as the duplication or overlap of services which can cause confusion and delays.

“There are lots fantastic support and opportunities for families in Hammersmith & Fulham and we want to help people benefit from them,” said Cllr Fennimore, H&F Cabinet Member for Social Inclusion.

“We want to work with residents to ensure more families get the right help and information at the right time, as well as bring in new organisations with fresh ideas.

“Why not get in touch and give us your views? We’d love to hear what you think.”

The benefits

The Family Support Service could:

  • Simplify and speed up the process of getting help and advice as families will only have to explain their situation once
  • Make it easier for families to find activities and events
  • Ensure families get the right help at the right time with less delays, helping to address problems before they get worse
  • Enable professionals to work together better to solve problems quicker and learn from each other
  • Cut the duplication of services and enable money to be focused on areas where more support is needed – such as mental health

How it would work

We’re looking at a new way services could be run. This could include teaming up with a new organisation who are experts in supporting families, in partnership with smaller organisations in local areas.

The Family Support Service would continue to provide a wide range of services but would be more able to tailor support and activities to the needs of local neighbourhoods.

The first stage would bring together children’s centres, youth services including clubs and activities, and support for families. Some health services, such as school nurses, health visiting and mental health services would follow in a second phase.