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Life after collection? Take a free tour of our recycling plant and see where your waste goes

Ever wondered what happens to your clear sack full of recycling after it’s been collected?

Thousands of our residents diligently help our ambition to become the greenest borough in the country by putting out their waste for recycling every week.

But the work doesn’t stop after it’s collected, that’s just the beginning of its journey. So we’re offering residents the chance to come and visit our riverside recycling facility to get a fascinating insight into how it all arrives, gets sorted and is then sent on to become new products.

The next tours will take place on Tuesday 26 September at 11am and Friday 29 September at 2pm.

The free tours will take you behind the scenes of the huge plant, run by our waste disposal authority in Wandsworth.

Your old plastic bottle could be drunk from again…in Beijing

Watch in awe as thousands of tonnes of waste arrives and is poured down huge conveyers where it is sorted and stacked in gigantic bales, before being sent off. Some of it ends up being exported overseas, even as far away as China, before starting its new life.

Did you know that recycling just one drinks can save enough energy to power a television for four hours? Or that 95 per cent less energy is used to make products from recycled materials than from raw materials?

A free minibus service will collect you from a local pick-up point and whisk you off for a behind-the-scenes peek of where the waste arrives, how it is separated, sorted and sent off to be turned into something new.

The tour is likely to be of interest to individual residents, as well as landlords, local residents’ organisations and community groups.

To register interest or book a place, email:

Find out more about recycling.

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Image caption: Image 2: Hammersmith & Fulham's waste disposal plant in Wandsworth