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Roberto reaps rewards as recycling challenge rolls over

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Image captionImage 1: Recycling challenge winner Roberto Chitti (left), Yasmina Guemar (centre) from Local Green Points, and H&F Council Waste Action Officer Ilaria Agueci (right)

A recycling resident has been given a winter boost after scooping £200 as part of a competition to reduce waste on Hammersmith & Fulham’s estates.

Roberto Chitti, 49, is one of the latest winners of the Estates Recycling Challenge, in which residents from four H&F communities compete against one another for their area to be crowned the best at recycling.

The scheme, renewed until April 2017 after a hugely successful pilot competition earlier this year, encourages residents on estates to recycle as much as a possible to help make H&F the greenest borough in the country.

“We aim to be the greenest borough in the country, but everyone needs to play their part. Even if it means recycling just a few extra items each week, it all makes a difference,” said Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport and Residents’ Services.

“Congratulations to Roberto on his prize, which I hope inspires many more residents to recycle more.”

The challenge is open to 9,000 residents in 32 estates, split across four geographical communities: Hammersmith North, Hammersmith South, Fulham North and Fulham South.

Residents compete as individuals within their respective communities to earn the most ‘Green Points’ for participating in different waste reduction and recycling activities.

Those activities include reducing contamination, donating to Bring Banks and reporting recycling levels. The top performers can then earn prizes for themselves and their communities.

Roberto was one of the winners in the ‘participation’ category, which rewards residents who actively take part in the scheme, without necessarily being the best recycler in the competition.

Speaking of his prize, Roberto, of Becklow Gardens, Hammersmith, said: “It’s always a plus to be challenged to do something and it’s sad that most people are not aware how the waste they produce can contribute in a negative way to climate change.

“I’m happy to help, even if on a small scale and I plan to recycle as much as I can.”

The competition’s individual prizes include a £250 top prize, with two £200 prizes for participating. But the community that earns the most Green Points can also chose a local project they would like to win a £300 prize.

Five local projects have been shortlisted for this: Hammersmith and Fulham Mind, Bishop Creighton House, Hammersmith Community Gardens, St Mungo’s Broadway, and Response Community Projects.

This competition has closed.