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The benefits of having a healthy, fit and committed workforce are now clearly recognised

It could be simpler than you think, with free support and guidance as part of the London Healthy Workplace Charter.

The free self-assessment and accreditation scheme recognises employers promoting staff health and wellbeing.

Around 20 local H&F businesses have already started working with the borough’s healthy workplace advisor Anna Brown, who says the benefits of having a healthy, fit and committed workforce are ‘now clearly recognised’.

“These include lower absence rates, fewer accidents, improved productivity, staff who are engaged and dedicated to the organisation, and fitter employees as they grow older,” she explains.

Local employers are eligible for: free guidance to promote employee wellbeing; free employee health checks; and heavily subsidised mental health and wellbeing training for managers.

This month also saw employers joining forces for a networking breakfast at K West hotel in Shepherds Bush on 14 September, sharing ideas on making their organisations a healthier place to work.

Meanwhile, the Greater London Authority (GLA) is hosting its annual London Healthy Workplace Charter awards ceremony on 15 November 2016 at City Hall for all employers gaining accreditation, which can range from ‘commitment’ level, to ‘excellence’, to reflect varying levels of good practice.

To find out more about getting involved in the scheme, email Anna Brown at or call 07584 389 249.