Students celebrate with friends at Burlington Danes

'Joyful moment' for Burlington Danes students

The nervous wait was finally over for A level students at the Burlington Danes Academy as a set of impressive results put many of the school’s high-flyers on the path to university.

Three quarters of students achieved all A* to C grades, while as many as half picked up the top marks at A* to B.

Among the top performers was Ayesha Neeli Malik, 18, who is due to study Fine Art at Oxford after impressing some of the country’s leading academics at her interview.

Ayesha, who received A*s in Art and her extended project as well as As in English Literature and Biology, said: “I had a really extensive plan in place just in case I did not get in and needed to go through clearing - I had been rejected by all my insurance choices. But I checked online at 8am and found out I had got in. I was really excited.”

Another of the high-flyers was Kayse Johnson, 18, who is set to take up a place at Durham University to study Engineering. He secured A* grades in Maths, Chemistry and his extended project along with an A in Physics.

He said: “I am disappointed with Physics because that is actually my strongest subject. But overall I am really pleased.

“I had no idea until this morning what grades I had got and I was trying not to think about it during the week. I only really got scared when I entered the school gates!”

It was a day of celebration at the White City school, which has more than doubled the size of its sixth form in the last year. A total of 23 A* grades were awarded with six dished out for Mathematics alone.

There was further success for the school’s BTEC students, with 60 per cent achieving the equivalent of three A grades.

Principal Michael Ribton said: “We have seen a big increase in the size of the sixth form this year so making sure that every student still gets exactly the same quality of education is key.

“It is always a nerve-wracking day. It is the culmination of a lot of hard work over the last two years.

“But it is also a very joyful moment and I am really delighted that the students here have got the opportunity to go to university.”