Improved GCSE results hailed as new era for Phoenix High

Students celebrated a landmark year for Phoenix High School with huge improvements in GCSE results.

Almost half picked up five A* to C grades including English and Maths – a massive increase of 14 per cent on last year.

The boost in academic performance comes only days before the school converts to academy status.

Headteacher Michael Taylor heaped praise on the students and hailed the start of a new era for the school.

“These results are a remarkable improvement on last year and set the school firmly on the path to future success,” he said.

“They are a testament to the hard work and commitment of the staff and of the excellent attitude to learning of our students. All the staff are proud of what our students have achieved and we offer them our congratulations.”

He added: “Our conversion to an academy will enhance our work to improve the school and the outcomes for our students.”

A total of 48 per cent of Phoenix students achieved the benchmark five A* to C grades including English and Maths.

Chemistry results were particularly impressive with 42 per cent receiving an A* or A grade.

Javiera Quiroz Fernandez, 16, was among the school’s highest achievers with six A*s, four As and two Bs.

She is planning to study for her A levels at Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School and has ambitions to win a place at Cambridge University.

“I was really worried that I wouldn’t get the results I wanted and I was a bit nervous this morning,” she said.

“But everyone has been so supportive. My teachers and my friends have helped me the whole way through.”

Amin Hashemi, 16, was delighted to pick up two As and six Bs – including a surprise A in Maths.

He said his achievements at GCSE would unlock a future career in architecture.

“I’m really interested in art and I love the design of buildings,” he said. “My aim is to go to University College London and study architecture. I’m so happy.”

Phoenix High School will become part of the Future Academies Trust on 1 September.