Fulham Cross pupils make history with school's best ever results

Amid a sea of pink balloons, pupils at Fulham Cross Girls’ School celebrated their best GCSE results ever today.

An unprecedented 76 per cent of the school’s 126 GCSE students achieved at least five A* to C grades including maths and English, with an average B grade across all pupils and subjects. Over a third of all English Literature results were A* or A, as were a third of all maths marks.

Commenting on the girls’ record-breaking results, executive principal Peter Haylock said: “The results have been outstanding and we believe they will be among the best in the country.”

Mr Haylock, who took on the permanent role of executive principal at the Munster Road school last December, said Fulham Cross’s inclusive environment and dedicated teachers were instrumental in helping every pupil reach their full potential.

Many girls had benefited from extra classes offered by teachers before and after school, as well as on weekends and holidays, to provide additional support in difficult subjects.

“An incredible amount of hard work has been put in by the staff to ensure the students are successful,” Mr Haylock said. “The students themselves also have a real passion to succeed, and as a result we have seen exceptional results now for many years.”

Among those celebrating stellar results was Munaza Aziz, 16, who achieved six A*s, three As and one B grade.

“It’s what I was hoping for after so much hard work,” Munaza said. “I didn’t have any social life for two months before the exams. I was in the library and didn’t go out – I just told myself I would celebrate after it was all done.”

The impressive marks mean the aspiring gynaecologist, who lives in Richmond, has secured a bursary scholarship to study A levels in maths, biology, chemistry and physics at Putney High School.

Close friends Fatima Nehme and Ana Gegic, who supported each other through their exams, also had cause for celebration after exceeding their own expectations.

West Kensington resident Fatima, 16, admitted she had surprised herself in achieving one A*, four As and four Bs.

“It’s a really good surprise, and I definitely wasn’t expecting an A in geography,” she admitted.

“The teachers just did not give up on me. They push you to the level they know you can achieve.”

Fatima will now embark on A levels in psychology, sociology, religious studies and economics at Grey Coat Hospital Sixth Form, and then hopes to study Psychology at university.

Meanwhile Ana, who turns 16 tomorrow, could barely contain her excitement after overcoming learning and speech difficulties to achieve an A in English language, one B and 4Cs.

“I’m shaking so much and I feel amazing,” she said. “I was expecting to fail but I worked really hard after school every day and Fatima really helped me. The school was also so good and they made the subjects fun.”

Ana will now go on to study A levels in sociology, English language and business at City and Islington College, and admitted her results were the best early birthday present she could ask for.

“I think I will be crying tears of happiness all weekend,” she said.