Fulham College GCSE results open door to exciting careers

Pupils at Fulham College Boys’ School and Fulham Enterprise Studio are setting their sights on diverse careers covering everything from family law to electrical engineering after posting solid results in their GCSEs today.

Peter Haylock, executive principal of both the boys’ school and enterprise studio, based in Kingwood Road, said the teachers placed special emphasis on individual students’ strengths and interests to help them achieve their full potential.

“It’s down to the dedication of our staff, and we run a very different curriculum model to other schools,” he said.

“Everyone is different and we want to give our students an opportunity to do subjects that suit them.”

Combined initial results for both the boys’ school and enterprise studio show 47 per cent of the 85 pupils achieved at least five A* to C grades including English and maths, although Mr Haylock expected this figure to rise after about 15 per cent of students had papers re-marked.

He said pupils studying specialist subjects in the enterprise studio including construction and performing arts had done particularly well, with the majority achieving A or A* grades in these subjects.

Daniel Ezenwome, 16, head boy at Fulham College Boys’ School, was among those students reaping the rewards of their hard work. The popular pupil, who lives in Shepherds Bush, received slaps on the back from excited friends after opening his results which included an A* for Religious Studies, an A in Spanish, four B grades and two Cs.

“It was really nerve-wracking opening them, but the effort I put into my subjects has really paid off,” he said. “I knew that eventually my GCSEs would be over, so I did my revision knowing that if I worked hard now it would pay off later.”

Daniel now plans to complete A levels in psychology and sociology at Ashcroft Technology Academy in Wandsworth before applying to King’s College where he hopes to study family law.

But before his next round of study he has some celebrating to do. “First I’ll show my grades to my mum and hopefully she’ll be pleased,” he said. “And then I’ll probably go out with my friends to celebrate – maybe to Nando’s.”

Another ambitious boys’ school pupil, Xii Don Lim, 16, of East Acton, said he was pleased with his three A*s and five A grades but was expecting more in certain subjects including music and additional science.

He said his burning ambition to become an architect had given him the incentive he needed to put in the long hours of study, along with a lot of encouragement from his teachers.

“It really feels like a family here, and the teachers work very hard to help get us the grades,” he said.

Having spent part of his summer gaining valuable work experience at an architectural firm in Malaysia, Xii is now looking forward to celebrating his success with a trip to Venice this Sunday.

Meanwhile, Anayah Sinclair, 16, who transferred from Fulham Cross Girls’ School to Fulham Enterprise Studio two years ago, is looking forward to studying electrical installation at South Thames College after achieving an A grade in Spanish and B grades in English Language and Literature.

“I’ve done much better than I was expecting, so that means I’m able to go on to my course,” she said.

Anayah, who hopes to become a fully-qualified electrician, said the career-focussed environment of the enterprise studio had suited her and helped her realise her career ambitions.

“When I was at Fulham Cross I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but now I know,” she said.

“The enterprise studio is much smaller than a regular school – sometimes there are only 15 students in a class – so the teacher can focus specifically on you. The work is also more practical, which I really enjoy.”