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Know your rights say Wormholt Park primary school authors

Creative youngsters at a Shepherds Bush school explored their human rights with a range of art projects – culminating in an eye-catching picture book.

All 450 pupils at Wormholt Park Primary in Bryony Road took part in the project.

The book was launched at an event on Thursday 7 June.

“We all need to know our rights,” said Cllr Sue Macmillan, H&F Cabinet Member for Children and Education.

“Helping children learn about something so important in such an engaging way is a fantastic idea.”  

Each class focused on a different article of the United Nations Children’s Rights Charter.

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Image caption: Image 2: Bella and Sean enjoy the book launch at Wormholt Primary School

The project was led by Arts Clubhouse who worked with the children for six weeks to create the book, each class creating a two-page spread with pictures of their work. They used a range of different techniques including paper and clay modelling, block printing, typography and drawing.

To see the children’s artwork in book form was really important,” said headteacher Julie James. “It created a real buzz in the school.”

“At the moment we’re in troubled times, the world is quite divided. This message of interconnectedness and understanding – that we’re all a part of the world as equal citizens – I think is important.

“It’s a message of tolerance, respect for others and respect for self. The understanding that you do have rights as a young person I think is very important.”

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Image caption: Image 3: Barnaby, Willow and Diya show off the books