H&F stepping up fight to protect school funding

Hammersmith & Fulham Council, parents and carers are stepping up the fight against potential Government funding cuts to local schools, as Ministers announced the timetable for consultation over the plans.

Parents and carers can sign up here to receive updates on the campaign to oppose cuts to local schools.

National changes to school funding could see each H&F school lose as much as 10 per cent of its funding according to some projections. The government consultation is planned for the autumn with decisions planned for early next year.

“The large cuts that these reforms could produce would pile pressure on H&F schools already struggling with teacher recruitment and ever-increasing overheads,” said Cllr Sue Macmillan, H&F Cabinet Member for Children and Education.

 “I have been working with concerned teachers and governors for some months but it’s vital that parents and carers are also given the chance to fight these plans which could do real damage to our schools

“That’s why we are running our borough-wide drive to involve all those who care about our local schools to join with us in fighting these plans.”

Essentially the government is looking to cut funding from authorities like H&F to redistribute that money to authorities outside of London that have historically invested less in their schools.

The harsh cuts could threaten jobs, hit the range of subjects taught and even damage the long-term viability of some schools.

We’re urging parents and carers to sign up to our campaign here so they can be the first to know when the consultation is launched in the autumn.

The Government has also now admitted that their deadline to bring in the change was too rushed. They are now planning to bring in the changes a year later, in 2018 instead of 2017.

 “It’s really important parents and carers have their say and as many people as possible join the campaign,” added Cllr Macmillan.

“We will do everything we can to fight these unfair plans, a fight which will be made all the more powerful with your support.”