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All eyes on the council’s landmark environmental schemes

Hammersmith & Fulham Council showcased innovative environmental schemes designed to reduce flooding to industry leaders last week.

Dubbed Green Sky Thinking the event took place at the St Paul’s Centre in Hammersmith on 27 April where environmental professionals gathered to hear about the latest sustainable design practices.

The presentation included a tour of the sustainable drainage systems on the Queen Caroline Estate, in Crisp Road, Hammersmith, as part of the council’s £1million climate adaption project.

The pilot project on the Queen Caroline Estate was developed in partnership with sustainability charity, Groundwork London, and aims to demonstrate that urban housing estates can play an important role in adapting our cities to cope better with climate change.

Queen Caroline is one of several housing estates in H&F that have been adapted with green infrastructure and sustainable drainage measures. These reduce surface water flooding, reduce the amount of heat given off by large expanses of impermeable concrete and also improve water and air quality. 

The other estates with climate proof adaptations are Cheeseman’s Terrace and Maystar Estate in West Kensington, as well as Richard Knight, Cyril Thatcher and Eric MacDonald houses in Fulham.

Meanwhile, the council’s recent flooding prevention project in Australia Road – called Bridget Joyce Square – was recently shortlisted for an engineering award. You can vote here to help it win.

This was the sixth year that the week-long event has been held, which featured approximately 50 free sustainability-related events across London.